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Smarter Billboards offers our clients the ability to target mobile users by the use of GEO-Fence technology. This enables us to serve ads seen on digital billboards directly to the smart device or mobile phone user who may have been within a 1 mile radius of the billboard. These types of ads are similar to the ad showcased on each digital billboard, but formatted differently for the smart device or mobile phone.

This strategy is different, cost effective, and provides our clients the ability to deliver their digital billboard ad beyond the highway. Our goal is to offer our clients more than just a digital billboard ad, and provide them with a vehicle to transport their advertising directly to the home of the consumer. 

Smarter Billboards also provides text messaging campaigns by purchasing a list of homeowners within a 3 mile radius of the billboard locations so that our clients can also extend their offer in the form of a text messaging campaign. This service may not be available for some industries such as legal, or medical. 



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